Hay & Bedding

We buy from the best Farmers in the Willamette Valley!


We take pride in offering animal bedding as well as a high quality hay for your pets and livestock.  Our hay is produced by farmers right here in Oregon. 


Hay prices are affected by current market price.

Timothy Hay Our Timothy Hay is produced locally in North Plains, Oregon. Bales average 60 pounds. Call for current pricing.

Eastern Oregon

Orchard Grass


Bales average 100 pounds.

Call for current pricing.

Eastern Oregon



Bales average 100 pounds.

Call for current pricing.


Oregon Straw


Produced locally in the Willamette valley, bales average 50 pounds. Straw has many uses such as bedding, erosion control, decoration, mulch, and ground cover. You can even grow your garden directly in the bales.


Noah's Choice®


Premium Horse and Animal Bedding

The advantages of densified and crumbled wood pellets over shavings and sawdust are:

Green shavings and sawdust contain up to 70% water. Our crumbled pellets contain less that 10% water.  Crumbling the pellets "quick starts" the absorbing and deodorizing process resulting in cleaner and drier stalls - which improves health and well being.

Solid waste is easily picked out and removed.


Dry Den


Dry Den to a crumbled-pellet shape so it has as much surface area as possible, further increasing its ability to absorb moisture and making it a softer bedding for your animals. You can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning your stalls and bedding because of Dry Den’s super-absorbent, Zeolite-enhanced pellets. Dry Den is a less expensive animal bedding option than shavings or straw. Dry Den is a 100% natural animal bedding and it makes excellent composting material and fertilizer after use.


West Coast Bedding


West Coast Bedding 02919004 Pine Wood Shavings Bale Features: Bale Contains all clean heartwood from pine wood Used as bedding for livestock and small animals 10 cubic feet compressed down to a 3.6 cubic foot bale Pine wood shavings

Cozy Den Cedar Shavings


Cozy Den Premium Cedar Shavings is made of only the cleanest 100% Cedar shavings, making your stalls, kennels and cages comfortable places for your animals. Our Cedar Shavings are great for drying up hooves and to control those pesky bugs. We dry Cozy Den to a low 8-10% moisture content, so the bales are, much more absorbent, lighter weight for easier handling and more comfy for your animals. Cozy Den is double screened to remove any fine sawdust and large chucks, so they really are the coziest shavings around. The compressed 3.6 cubic foot bales fluff to 10+ cubic feet of soft bedding.

Talon ABM White Pine Pellets


The product is manufactured from 100% all-natural Northwest White Pine wood and has approximately 4% starting moisture content. Compared to regular wood shavings, it will absorb more moisture and greatly suppress ammonia. It requires no additives, is bio-degradable, and reduces the problem of waste bedding material.


Talon ABM is safe for all animals:

Equines, iguanas, rodents, cats, dogs, cattle, llamas, sheep, goats and birds have used the Talon ABM with positive results in each situation.

Special Orders:


If you don’t see the product your interested in just ask and we’ll special order it for you. Most special orders can be in within a few days. We offer over 2000 products.


A 25% deposit is required at the time of the order.


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